Aviation Search & Rescue

Alerting & Coordination Services

Provision of Search and Rescue (SAR) Alerting and Coordination Services remains an important part of the Company’s Community Service Obligation. This service is essential to NSPL’s contributions to Aviation Emergency preparedness and support. NSPL, on behalf of the State is responsible for the overall coordination of SAR efforts in respect of civil aircraft emergencies within the Search and Rescue Region (SRR) under Papua New Guinea jurisdiction.

Rescue Coordination Centre is located Level 1, ATS Operations Building, Port Moresby (Jacksons) International Airport and is on 24-hours and can be reached on these following numbers or email address:

24 – hour :(+675) 325 6885| (+675) 3121 532, (+675) 71176400

Toll Free number: (+675)71006757

Email: rcc@niuskypacific.com.pg or cs@niuskypacific.com.pg

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