Company Profile

NiuSky Pacific Limited (NSPL) is the new Corporate Identity of the former PNG Air Services Limited (PNGASL), the sole provider of Air Navigation Services for Papua New Guinea. NSPL’s primary business is to provide Air Traffic Management (ATM) and Air Navigation Services (ANS) to the Aviation Industry in PNG for both domestic and international air operators who use PNG’s designated airspace which is known as the Flight Information Region (FIR). Its area of responsibility spans 1.6 million square kilometers of airspace, extending from the sea level up to 60,000 feet.

NSPL is a State Aviation Entity (SAE) registered as an independent company in July, 2007. However, its official operations commenced in January, 2008. The Company evolved from a government agency, formally known as the PNG Civil Aviation Authority (CAA), into a self-sustaining commercialised entity as intended by the Government.

The Government of Papua New Guinea remains the sole shareholder through the Minister for Finance and the Minister for Civil Aviation.

The services we provide include;

  • Area Control
  • Approach Control
  • Aerodrome Control
  • Flight Information
  • Search and Rescue Alerting & Coordination Services which supports Search and Rescue (SAR) activities conducted by the relevant SAR performing organisations in the event of an aircraft related accident or incident.

NSPL contributes to Papua New Guinea’s international regulatory and industry obligations and requirements through compliance and adoption of the relevant International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) Standards and Recommended best Practices (SARP) applicable to the provision of Air Traffic Management (ATM) and Air Navigation Services (ANS).  It is also an active member of the Civil Air Navigation Services Organisation (CANSO) whose information sharing and policy developments are aimed at improving regional and global ATM performance.

Key Objectives

NiuSky Pacific Limited continues to strive to improve and expand the air navigation services to contribute to ensuring that the PNG designated airspace is safer for air travel and that the PNG air transport network is reliable, affordable and accessible to all communities in Papua New Guinea. NSPL operations constitute a vital component of the civil aviation system, therefore its services are a key enabler of the air transport industry in the country.

In our pursuit for excellence in service delivery, NSPL has invested in a robust and holistic Modernization Program called ‘NiuSky.’

Modernising the aeronautical radio Communication, Navigation, Surveillance and Air Traffic Management (CNS/ATM) infrastructure as well as the broader rehabilitation and enhancement of its business systems and workforce, is important for the company to realise its overall corporate vision ‘to be recognised by the industry as a leading air navigation service provider within the region and beyond’ to advance Papua New Guinea.

Executive Management

Captain Ted Pakii

Managing Director/CEO

Clement Kapapal

Executive Manager - Business Support Services

Phil Irvine

Executive Manager - Air Traffic Services

Sharon Nalu

Company Secretary/Executive Manager Legal

Marcellin Donnelly

Executive Manager - Finance

Graham Blythe

Executive Manager - Engineering Services

Parulu Kwarara

Executive Manager - Executive Support & Corporate Services

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