Community Service Obligation

Corporate Sponsorship Program NSPL’s Corporate Social Responsibility is guided by the principles of the company’s Corporative plan and is integrated with the Company’s broader strategic objectives and vision endorsed by the Board. It prioritizes initiatives and improvement areas with the greatest business value and provides a framework for optimizing the positive impact of our social […]

Stakeholder Engagement

Stakeholder Engagement Framework NSPL’s Stakeholder Engagement framework is set by the principles defined by the core values of the company. The framework is essential for the company’s standards as it values continuous improved decision making and accountability of good governance practices. Initiatives Learning and Development initiatives as well as strategies continue to remain a top […]

Strategic Partnership

Airservices Australia PNG – AUS PARTNERSHIP FOR DEVELOPMENT IN THE TRANSPORT SECTOR Emphasis continued to be on a strategic approach to managing partnerships. Our valued partnership with the Government of Australia (GoA) through the Agency Support Arrangement (ASA) Governance Framework remained invaluable because of the tremendous support in our efforts in modernizing Papua New Guinea’s […]

Corporate Governance

NSPL is committed to adopting and implementing rigorous corporate governance practices across all our activities. We support this commitment by reporting our governance practices transparently and openly to help build customers and shareholders trust and confidence in our service. Corporate governance constitutes a key principle that is upheld by the Company in all business conduct […]