Social Responsibility

Corporate Sponsorship Program

NSPL’s Corporate Social Responsibility is guided by the principles of the company’s Corporative plan and is integrated with the Company’s broader strategic objectives and vision endorsed by the Board. It prioritizes initiatives and improvement areas with the greatest business value and provides a framework for optimizing the positive impact of our social corporate responsibility activities.

The Strategy focuses on the achievement of two measurable goals that address our contribution to the socio-economic development of PNG, align with the PNG Government’s strategic goals and reflect our commitment to continuous performance improvement.

Making a positive contribution to air navigation safety PNG remains a critical part of both our Company and Social Responsibility strategies. We see safety as an important means through which we can contribute towards the overall success of PNG, which underpins the success of NSPL.

  • Commemorative Contributions
  • Rural Air Transport Services

NSPL continued to subsidize the cost of providing rural air transport services by exempting air navigation charges to all rural airstrip operators.

Women Empowerment and Social Inclusion

NiuSky Pacific, has proudly sponsored and participated for three consecutive years in the renowned Miss Pacific Islands Pageant (MPIP) PNG by sponsoring three vibrant brand ambassadors representing our former name as Miss PNG Air Services. The proceeds from this pageant go towards assisting the scholarship fund which the MPIP has established over the years to provide scholarship (upon application) for young women who are faced with financial difficulties in their pursuit of tertiary education. According to the MPIP PNG Scholarship Update, over 256 young women have benefitted from the MPIP scholarship worth about K804,000.

Through our brand ambassadors, not only do we educate the public on our company and promote our critical role in the air transport industry but essentially contribute to the empowerment of Papua New Guinean women and girls through education.  

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