Strategic Framework


Recognized by the industry as a leading air navigation services provider within the region and beyond.


To deliver safe, reliable and affordable air navigation services to assure safety and efficiency within PNG air space.

Core Values:

Safe and Efficient Outcomes

We ensure that the services we provide to our customers are safe, reliable and affordable. We actively promote a safety culture in our organization through our actions as responsible individuals and as professional employees of the organization. We continue to participate in fair and sound reporting and deal with employees in a just culture policy framework.

Professionalism and Accountability

We have a dedicated workforce that is committed to embracing the principles of good governance. We promote the highest ethical and professional standards at all times. We uphold positive personal ethics which are aimed at promoting professionalism and accountability in the organization.

Respect and Teamwork

We believe in the spirit of cohesiveness and team work where respect for the individual in the team is the key to success. We promote individual dignity and knowledge sharing, encourage contribution and value everyone’s view point. We encourage our staff to fully utilize talents and skills for the benefit of the teams as well as the organization at large. We are committed to creating a workplace where employees can grow and realize their full potential. Together we celebrate wins, learn and improve on our achievements, overcome challenges and pursue opportunities with the aim to maximize our contributions for a sustained organizational performance.

Honesty and Integrity

We consistently promote honesty in our professional behaviour and good code of conduct. We strive to ‘walk the talk’ at all times without fear or favour and not being biased. We uphold the highest standard of personal integrity as employees of NSPL.

Fair and Transparent Decision Making

We continue to uphold the highest standard of fairness and transparency in our decision making. We encourage performance based recognition and reward culture. We add value to our employees to continually perform at their best to meet business objectives. Employees are recognized through job promotion and training. In addition, we discourage all forms of discrimination, unethical behaviour, misconduct, nepotism, harassment and biases.

Continuous Improvement

We encourage innovative and creative business ideas. We encourage our staff to make significant contribution aligned to our strategic vision and goal. We promote operational safety and service quality as our core business. We continually review our internal capacity, capability and competency to improve business efficiency and effectiveness without compromising safety and quality. We continue to invest in learning and growth of our people to empower them with the right knowledge, skills and attitude to improve business performance.

Customer Orientated

We are committed to our mission to provide safe, reliable and efficient air navigation services to our domestic and international customers. We build, develop and empower our staff to be customer focused. We continue to improve internal business processes to deliver service to meet customer expectation. Through strategic partnership with key stakeholders, we continue to implement innovative solutions to meet the needs and demands of our valued customers.

Strategic Pillars

  • Service Excellence
  • Organizational Excellence
  • Partnering Excellence
  • Good Governance
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