Strategic Partnership

Airservices Australia


Emphasis continued to be on a strategic approach to managing partnerships. Our valued partnership with the Government of Australia (GoA) through the Agency Support Arrangement (ASA) Governance Framework remained invaluable because of the tremendous support in our efforts in modernizing Papua New Guinea’s Air Navigation Services.

Under the GoA assistance, we were supported through two funding mechanisms comprising the MOU Program and the Transport Sector Support Program (TSSP). NSPL continued to be a major beneficiary of this opportunity towards capacity and infrastructure development in the transport sector. The agency support arrangement has provided NSPL with the technical and professional expertise throughout the 2017 reporting period.

Civil Air Navigation Services Organisation (CANSO)

NSPL maintained its membership to the Civil Air Navigation Service Organization (CANSO), a global body that comprises and represents the world’s Air Navigation Service Providers (ANSP). NSPL’s continued participation is essential to business advancement and sustainability as CANSO provides updated industry information that contribute to guide ANSPs in their future strategic business planning. NSPL’s ongoing membership therefore remains crucial for the realization of its vision.

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